Optional Advanced Services

Learn about advanced services for enterprise storage to help accelerate your productivity, availability and automation, including:

  • Backup to Amazon S3 (B2S3)
  • Zadara Container Services (ZCS)
  • Multi-Zone High Availability (MZ-HA)


award winning b2s3

Backup to Amazon S3 (B2S3)

Set it and forget it! Zadara’s Backup to Amazon S3 (B2S3) feature enables VPSA™ customers to create an automatic, snapshot-based, continuous, incremental backup to low-cost, Amazon S3-compatible object storage (including Zadara’s VPSA Object Storage) at a click of a button.

The B2S3 feature eliminates the need for host-based backup software and provides a simple, easy-to-use, high-performance, block-based, backup process. VPSA customers can also migrate data from Amazon S3 to Amazon’s Glacier cold storage, creating new tiers of data protection, and better yet, data backed up by B2S3 can be restored to any storage medium from any vendor including Zadara VPSA, Amazon S3/EBS/EFS/Glacier or any other storage target required by the user.

By eliminating the need for proprietary backup software, customers can reduce costs, complexity and latency:

Zadara B2S3 - Backup to Amazon S3 Graph
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Zadara Container Services

Zadara Container Services (ZCS)

Extreme Performance. Task Automation. High Availability. Complete Flexibility.

Do something never before done: Zadara Container Services (ZCS) open up new possibilities by putting Docker containers inside your storage for lightning-fast performance, task automation, and application high availability. Finally, a solution for achieving high converged performance without sacrificing storage features, sharing, or availability.

We call the container an App and, like the Zadara Engine, it has dedicated CPU and memory, which can be increased and decreased on the fly, non-disruptively. Uniquely, Zadara offers Docker high availability, thanks to Zadara’s dual Engine architecture with auto-failover.

Zadara Container Services Diagram

Finally, a solution for achieving high converged performance without sacrificing storage features, sharing, or availability.

  • Organize and Discover (NAS indexing / search / notifications, Data classification, Low-latency OLTP tasks, Hadoop / Map Reduce)
  • Share (WebDAV/FTP server)
  • Manipulate (Transcoding / data transformation, Compress)
  • Protect (Data governance / auditing of NAS share, Secure file transfer, Anti-virus scanning

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Award winning cloud computing

Multi-Zone High Availability (MZ-HA)

Completely Private. Fully Configurable. Metered and Billable. Highly Available

VPSA Multi-Zone High Availability (MZ-HA) is Zadara’s geographically distributed replication option. With it, both on-premises and cloud customers have the option to geographically distribute their data for a truly high-availability storage solution.

Multi-Zone HA automatically and synchronously replicates data across a metropolitan area network. This added durability protects against site failure, ensuring that your mission critical applications continue to operate in the face of the most severe failures.On-premises and off, automatically replicate data across a metropolitan area network to ensure your mission critical application continues to run under almost any circumstance.

zadara multizone high availability graph

Case Study: Starcom leverages Zadara Storage Multi-Zone HA to support managed services worldwide

To add an additional level of high availability, Starcom has chosen to deploy Zadara’s Multi-Zone HA feature between their data centers, which provides metropolitan failover should one of their data centers suffer a catastrophic failure.

“We chose Zadara Storage because they provided the enterprise class performance and data protection features necessary to support our critical applications.”
Steve Donaghue, Director of Hosting Services, Starcom

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