Software-defined cloud storage with scalable performance and capacity

Leveraging cloud computing concepts, we built a new enterprise-grade storage cloud system. In the Zadara Storage Cloud, multiple tenants are able to run VPSA® Storage Array or VPSA® Object Storage simultaneously on the same physical machines without interfering with one another. Each user maintains predictable performance, full data privacy and security, and full elasticity.

Zadara Storage Cloud Components

Intel Inside

The Zadara Storage Cloud is built upon standardized, cost-effective x86 servers and is fueled by patented software technology. Zadara Storage’s patented software creates a virtualizing data storage resource abstraction layer. Storage Nodes are interconnected using multiple, redundant 40Gb connections with advanced iSER (RDMA) to minimize latency and dramatically improve performance.

Because of  virtualization and resource isolation, the Zadara Storage Cloud can grow to hundreds of nodes while workloads remain isolated from one another. The Zadara Storage Cloud delivers applications with predictable performance and cloud storage customers a high Quality of Service.

Zadara Storage Cloud Deployment

Deployed on-site or at colocation facilities, the Zadara Storage Cloud is designed to service both hot, high-speed primary workloads and warm/cold backup and repository workloads. Each workload is isolated from one another. In the provisioning portal, customers configure a custom mix of drives based on their performance and cost demands. The drives available include SSDs, high-RPM SAS drives, and 6TB 7200RPM repository drives.

The Zadara Storage Cloud was architected with redundancy at every level, ensuring a safe and secure enterprise storage solution. Component failures self-heal using seamless automatic recovery.

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Zadara Storage has been awarded the “Product of the Year” award by TechTarget for the category “Storage Systems: Disk and Hybrid Systems” with the top honor of “GOLD”.

Our Architecture

VPSA Storage Array Technology

A VPSA looks, performs, and behaves like enterprise storage, with multi-protocol support (iSCSI volumes, NFS and CIFS shares), dual high-availability controllers, SSD cache, and advanced data management features.

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VPSA Object Storage

In addition to block and file storage services, Zadara now offers Object Storage to fit the needs of any storage workload

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Software Defined Storage vs. Traditional SAN Storage

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The Zadara Storage Cloud

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