The Best of Both Worlds: SSD Speeds at Magnetic Prices

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Up to 3.2TB flash cache provides the best of both worlds: SSD speeds at magnetic prices thanks to capacity-optimized drives for huge amounts of data and flash for blazing performance. Use Zadara Elastic Flash Cache in tandem with hard disk drives (HDDs) or solid-state drives (SSDs) to improve system performance and data access times. Zadara Elastic Flash Cache has the ability to be added in at 200GB increments up to 3.2TB and allows large SSD cache.

Depending on the workload and active dataset size, implementing Elastic Flash Cache on the Zadara Storage Cloud can significantly improve IO performance of HDD based volumes.

Elastic Flash cache

Key Features

  • Significantly improves IO performance of HDD based volumes
  • Application performance gain
  • Cache price cut by 50%
  • Fully redundant for reliability
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