Provision enterprise-grade SAN and NAS on the fly with the elasticity of the cloud

Enterprise-grade storage array, provisioned on the fly

A Zadara VPSA™ storage array looks, performs, and behaves like enterprise storage. With multi-protocol support (FC-SCSI, iSCSI, iSER, NFS and CIFS), dual high-availability controllers, SSD cache, and advanced data management features (including thin-provisioning, snapshots, cloning, remote replication and online volume migration), a Zadara VPSA has every feature an enterprise expects from a storage array. Yet it can be provisioned and altered on the fly.

Complete control over your storage environment

VPSA offers complete control over your storage environment using a GUI and REST API. Users can select the performance level (Zadara Engine size), the quantity and types of dedicated drives (SSD, SAS, and/or SATA), and the level of data protection (RAID 1, 10, 5, 6, 50, and 60), and change any setting whenever needed. Because all the storage resources are dedicated to each storage array and not shared, VPSA performance will always stay rock solid. Better yet, VPSA storage arrays provide extensive graphical performance logging, so that you can optimize application performance in seconds.

VPSA storage array implementation

VPSA can be leveraged at any Zadara Storage Cloud – whether at customers’ data centers or at our operated public storage clouds across the globe, including at Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Equinix. Because the Zadara Storage solution is the same technology across all service locations, users can seamlessly replicate from their data center to the cloud, and vice versa, at a click of a button.


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VPSA Storage Array Features

  • Any Protocol: FC-SCSI, iSCSI, iSER, NFS and CIFS/SMB
  • Shared storage among multiple instances
  • Large volumes (+100TB)
  • Snapshots, cloning, online volume migration and remote replication
  • Thin-provisioning
  • Large SSD caching
  • Private resources
  • Predictable performance (IOPS and throughput)
  • Encryption at-rest and in-flight with user-managed keys
  • Selectable drive types (SSD/SAS/SATA) and RAID levels
  • 100% SLA and 24/7 support
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