Infinite scalability with scalable performance

In addition to block and file storage services, Zadara now offers Object Storage to fit the needs of any storage workload. VPSA® Object Storage is a simple, easy to use, and well protected solution for storing multimedia data, big data, or archiving data of any sort. It provides easy access to storage anywhere, anytime and from any device over HTTP, and allows remote access to the data, even over the Internet.

Security and Resource Allocation

VPSA Object Storage is a private object storage solution built on dedicated compute resources either in a private or public cloud. As such, it delivers better data security and can guarantee resource isolation so there is no performance impact by other users of the object storage.

Scalable and Elastic

VPSA Object Storage complements Zadara storage offerings for public and private clouds, and runs side by side with VPSA Storage Arrays on Zadara’s clouds, utilizing the same infrastructure. Customers storing static data can enjoy the object storage and its infinite scalability, while cloud providers using Zadara’s technology can now offer S3/Swift compatible object services.

VPSA Object Storage Key Features

  • Multi-tenancy and account levels
  • Resource isolation
  • S3/Swift compatible
  • 2way/3way redundancy level
  • Flat namespace (key/value store)
  • Role-based access
  • Charge-back and billing
  • Infinite scalability of capacity and performance
  • Remote access over HTTP
  • Simple Management
  • Rich metadata
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