Built on OpenStack technology, Zadara Storage is a robust storage platform for OpenStack Clouds.

Zadara Storage was the first storage company to join the OpenStack community – in early 2011 – and has been a contributor to its fast growing ecosystem and enterprise readiness.

Our patented technology has solved the controller bottleneck problem inherent in traditional storage by implementing controllers as virtual machines across any number of Storage Nodes.
The implementation of this approach delivers better, faster, and more scalable storage and we use OpenStack Nova to place VPSA Storage Array, our controllers, on Storage Nodes to manage redundancy and ensure timely fail-over in the case of hardware failure or during on-line upgrades.

Zadara Storage is an OpenStack contributor for OpenStack’s Cloud Block Storage, Cinder, OpenStack’s compute, Nova. With full support for is fully integrated with OpenStack Cinder. The Zadara Storage Cloud is a great storage platform for making OpenStack deployments successful.

Our OpenStack Experience

Zadara Storage VPSA

  • Consistent QoS
  • Advanced Data Management Features
  • Control + Privacy
  • Flexibility + Elasticity
  • Pure OpEx business model


How We Leverage OpenStack

  • Resource Management
  • Evolving Cloud Ecosystem
  • Cloud Scale
  • Resource Metering + Chargeback
  • Automation
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Zadara OpenStack Storage Cloud Videos

Using Storage as-a-Service (STaaS) to solve Enterprise IT Storage Challenges

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Integration of OpenStack Cinder with Zadara VPSA Cloud Block Storage

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