Enterprise-grade NAS in the cloud using native CIFS and NFS for file storage

The Zadara Storage VPSA Storage Array technology looks, performs and behaves like an enterprise NAS appliance, yet it can be provisioned on the fly, delivers web-scale volumes and is charged on-demand, by the hour.

Zadara Storage is treated as a native storage service of partner clouds, so you can enjoy seamless integration with simplified management. You can connect multiple Cloud Servers to your VPSA using NFS or CIFS and share files at 10x better performance than using available cloud object storage or other software stacks.

Whether On-Premises private cloud or off-premises deployment, expect data center-grade availability, scalability, performance, consistency, protection and management efficiency for business critical applications and big data and take advantage of total flexibility, multi-tenant architecture, elasticity, and reduction of total cost of ownership (TCO).

Infographic: Enhancing AWS capabilities

Enterprise-Grade Cloud NAS

  • NFS / CIFS server
  • Dual HA controllers
  • Dedicated drives (choice of SSD, SATA, SAS)
  • Active Directory Integration
  • 100+ TB volumes
  • Snapshots with lifecycle policies
  • Online volume migration
  • Thin provisioned clones
  • Encryption
  • Hidden Files/Shares support
  • SMB Quotas – Per user/ Per volume
  • NAS (SMB) Share Shadow Copy
  • Background de-fragmentation
Watch: Configuring VPSA in the cloud

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