The Zadara Storage Cloud Technology

The Zadara Storage Cloud is a new approach to enterprise storage technology: highly available, scalable, flexible, and provided as-a-service with consumption based pricing.

Multiple tenants have the ability to run file, block and object storage on the same physical machines without ever interfering with one another, delivering each user with predictable performance, full data privacy and security coupled with full elasticity. The Zadara Storage Enterprise Cloud consists of two patented solutions: VPSA® Storage Array (block and file storage) and VPSA® Object Storage.

Zadara enterprise cloud storage technology brings the robust features, security and capabilities of enterprise storage to the cloud, and conversely brings cloud flexibility and economics to on-premises and hybrid environments – unifying and delivering the best of both worlds.

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Key Features

Enterprise-Grade Storage

• Unified block, file and object data access
• Rich data management, HA and security features
• Predictable performance


• Consumption pricing (Pay-as-you-go )
• Fully managed and maintained with 100% uptime SLA
• Evergreen ‘immortal’ storage

Ultimate Flexibility

• Available anywhere: on-premises, cloud or hybrid
• Completely elastic
• RESTful APIs

For Service Providers

• Resource isolation for QoS
• Built-in chargeback
• Easy provisioning

White Paper: The Zadara Storage Cloud

Technology Resources

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Download the white paper

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