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Enterprise storage capabilities seamlessly integrated to your choice cloud compute

Zadara Storage partners with leading public clouds around the world (including Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure) to offer you all the performance, security and sophisticated features your demanding applications require. Due to our close partnership with public clouds, customers can mount our dedicated storage directly their compute instances, using GUI or REST API, for a seamless cloud experience.

With advanced data management capabilities users can leverage Multi-Zone HA to replicated across a metropolitan area network for seamless failover, or replicate data across availability zones and even between different cloud providers. With 100% uptime SLA and 24/7 support delivers best in class service.

If you’re looking to get involved with Zadara to enable your customer success, join our partner network.

Cloud customers, get ready to turbocharge your applications with elastic data center-grade storage capabilities and features at any of our partner locations:

Zadara Storage at Amazon Web Services

AWS technology partner

Zadara Storage Cloud is available within the Amazon public cloud and provides you complete configuration flexibility to build a custom block, file and object storage environment to attach to your AWS compute environment with full enterprise capabilities.

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Zadara Storage at Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure

By leveraging VPSA at Azure you can easily migrate applications such as SQL Server, Exchange, SharePoint and others to Microsoft Azure as-is, without reconfiguring them.Enjoy enhanced performance, control, availability and privacy with a full array of enterprise functionality including clustering, dedicated resources, +100TB volumes, encryption, snapshot and zero capacity clones.

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Zadara Storage at Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform

Zadara Storage Cloud within Google Cloud Platform (GCP) provides complete configuration flexibility to build a custom data center-grade storage environment with access to advanced, encrypted, high performance, highly available, fully-featured enterprise storage — directly connected to Google Cloud Engine virtual machines.

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Zadara Storage at TelecityGroup

Enterprise StorageCloud-IX is TelecityGroup’s software-defined networking platform that enables customers to access multiple cloud services, toolsets and solutions through a single, dedicated, secure connection. By connecting to Zadara Storage via Cloud-IX, businesses can develop the simple, flexible, and scalable IT set-ups that help drive business innovation.

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Zadara Storage at Dimension Data

dimension-data-logoBenefit from Cloud economics without compromise at Dimension Data with all the privacy, performance, availability and configurability of a privately-owned Enterprise SAN & NAS but without the up-front cost and complexity, and without the need to re-architect existing applications for the Cloud.

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Zadara Storage at Equinix

Equinix logoAs more businesses look to companies such as Zadara for cost-effective, cloud-based storage solutions to offload their IT infrastructure, it’s critical that these services are offered from a secure, dynamic, and global platform as found with Equinix. By offering direct connection inside Equinix, Zadara offers enterprises the ability to tie directly into the Zadara service over a private network connection and avoid the pitfalls from traversing the public internet.

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Zadara Storage at eircom

eircom logoNow, eircom allows customers to create a VPSA just as they would a virtual compute server. Public cloud users who create a VPSA with Zadara experience a true, single-tenant server environment, ensuring the high performance and high availability they require does not vary over time.

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Zadara Storage at CoreSite LA Area

coresite logoIn choosing Zadara, CoreSite colocation customers can meet the demanding performance targets of mission-critical applications, yet leverage the cloud’s superior economics and scale, and pay as they go for these resources out of operating rather than capital expenses.

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Zadara Storage at Omegabyte Networks

Omegabyte logoWe are proud to team up with Omegabyte Networks in this advanced public cloud partnership in their Denver (CO) and Austin (TX) locations. Omegabyte Networks delivers high quality, cutting-edge products without sacrificing remarkable customer service.

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Zadara Storage at Toshiba

Toshiba’s Cloud Storage Array Service™ offering, based on Zadara’s VPSA™ Storage Array platform provides service providers Toshiba-Logowith elastic block and file repository storage that is billed on a flexible, pay as you go basis. We’re proud to partner with Toshiba in its exacting standards of quality and performance in innovation in enterprise data center solutions.


Zadara Storage at Netrepid

Netrepid, a leading provider of colocation, infrastructure and application hosting services, replaced CapEx-based storage arrays with the Zadara Storage VPSA On-Premises-as-a-Service offering to improve agility and client responsiveness.


Zadara Storage at Starcom

Starcom, UK’s leading supplier of integrated business systems for retail, manufacturing and distribution sectors, implements the Zadara VPSA to support Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Business Intelligence and e-commerce, and hosting and managed service businesses.

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Zadara Storage at KT

Korea Telecom (KT) offers the Zadara VPSA Storage Array to ucloud biz (public cloud service) customers who require enterprise-class storage, in a cloud-based, as-a-service model.


Zadara Storage at infinite

enterprise storage infiniteInfinite provides custom IT based business process solutions, next-gen mobility solutions and product engineering services, specializing in the Healthcare, Banking & Finance, Telecommunications & Technology and Media & Publishing industries.


Zadara Storage at Headwaters Group

Headwaters Group has built a strong reputation for delivering sophisticated technical professional services to enterprise IT channel solution providers and end customers, in the design, implementation and optimization of their storage and data technology infrastructure. With Zadara Storage VPSA technology, Headwaters Group is able to provide highly available, optimized and compliant storage in the most cost effective manner.

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Zadara Storage at Acembly

acembly logoAcembly is an infrastructure as a service and data management platform that integrates best of breed technologies to deliver a multitude of features within an elegant experience for media groups, startups, MSPs and enterprise companies.

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