Take advantage of the most advanced storage capabilities at Microsoft Azure.

Our Zadara Storage Cloud technology delivers iSCSI block (SAN),  NFS/CIFS file (NAS) and object storage so that business applications not only can run in Microsoft Azure, but do so with optimum reliability, data privacy, configurability, and performance.

By leveraging VPSA at Azure you can easily migrate applications such as SQL Server, Exchange, SharePoint and others to Microsoft Azure as-is, without reconfiguring them.
Enjoy enhanced performance, control, availability and privacy with a full array of enterprise functionality including clustering, dedicated resources, +100TB volumes, encryption, snapshot and zero capacity clones.

With dedicated hardware and network resources for each client we can ensure Quality of Service for your applications and better privacy for your data.

The Azure Experience

• Native NFS, CIFS/SMB, iSCSI and object storage
• Shared storage among multiple instances
• Large volumes (+100GB)
• Snapshots, cloning, thin provisioning and remote replication.
• Large SSD caching
• Private resources
• Predictable performance (IOPS and throughput)
• Encryption at-rest and in-flight with user managed keys
• Selectable drive types (SSD/SAS/SATA) and RAID levels.
• 100% SLA and 24/7 support

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