Take advantage of the most advanced storage capabilities for your Google Cloud Platform
Google Cloud Platform

Zadara Storage Cloud within Google Cloud Platform (GCP) provides complete configuration flexibility to build a custom data center-grade storage environment with access to advanced, encrypted, high performance, highly available, fully-featured enterprise storage — directly connected to Google Cloud Engine virtual machines.

Zadara Storage Cloud delivers iSCSI block (SAN),  NFS/CIFS file (NAS) and object storage so that business applications not only run in GCP, but do so with optimum reliability, data privacy, configurability, and performance. GCP customers can take advantage of the best capabilities of traditional, on-premise storage arrays, but in a fully elastic manner with pure OpEx consumption-based pricing.

Connected via Google’s Cloud Direct Peering, Zadara delivers the most flexible, and most reliable storage available and is the easiest way to add shared, large iSCSI, NFS, CIFS and object volume support to your Google Cloud environment with rich data management features.

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The Google Cloud Platform Experience

  • Any Location, Any Data Type, Any Protocol
  • Available On-Premise, In the Cloud, or as a Hybrid configuration (On-Premise + In the Cloud)
  • Unified Offering – from live data to cloud archival solutions
  • Optimal Availability – multi-region and regional setups
  • Seamless Data Lifecycle – transition from one storage class to the next
  • Secure – private data transport, user-owned encryption keys
  • Private – no shared resources, no “noisy neighbors”
  • Easy to Use – sign up for an account, we’ll set up the rest
  • Scalable – change storage capacity and performance at will with no downtime
  • Cost-effective – no equipment purchase, no maintenance
  • Convenient – eliminate disruptive updates, hot-fixes and upgrades
  • Flexible – use a combination of SSD, SATA or SAS drives
  • 100% SLA and 24/7 support
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