Private and powerful data center-grade storage, right within your public cloud provider

Zadara Storage partners with leading public clouds around the world (including Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform) to offer you all the performance, security and sophisticated features your demanding applications require – via the Zadara Storage Cloud.

With native block, file and object storage support, organizations can benefit from the cloud economics, without re-architecting existing applications and take advantage of enterprise-grade reliability, availability, security, and performance. Get ready to turbocharge your applications with elastic data center-grade storage capabilities and features.

Experience Zadara at your choice cloud provider:

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The Cloud Experience

  • Enterprise-grade SAN, NAS and object storage by the hour
  • Large volumes and clustering capabilities
  • Rich data management services
  • Dedicated, private resources for predictable performance
  • At-rest and in-flight data encryption
  • User managed keys
  • Seamless multi-cloud portability
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