Zadara Storage for Enterprise Storage Workloads at GCP

An overview of the Zadara Storage enterprise features and architecture at
Google Cloud Platform.

Zadara Storage Managed Services

An overview of the Zadara® Storage managed services

enterprise IT Challenge eBook

Solving Enterprise IT Challenges with Storage-as-a-Service (STaaS)

How new Software-Defined Storage (SDS) architectures and as-a-Service models are enabling a great shift to OpEx spending models.

zadara storage cloud white paper

Zadara Storage Cloud

An overview of the Zadara Storage Cloud and VPSA® technology

great performance in cloud white paper

Getting Great Storage Performance in the Cloud

An overview of storage performance challenges in the cloud, and how to deploy VPSA® storage arrays.

software defined storage white paper

Software Defined Storage Vs. Traditional SAN and NAS Storage

This white paper describes, from a storage vendor perspective, the major differences between Software Defined Storage and traditional SAN or NAS arrays

white paper vpsa object storage

VPSA Object Storage

An overview of the VPSA Object Storage technology


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