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Block / File Object
Hybrid Capacity Optimized Build Configuration All Flash Performance Optimized Build Configuration Hybrid Capacity Optimized Build Configuration
Engine Components
CPUs 2-24 CPUs 2-24 CPUs Auto-Scaling
RAM 6-100MB 6-100MB Auto-Scaling
Flash Cache 20-3200GB Cache Not Applicable Auto-Scaling
Drive Quantity Min. 2 drives Min. 2 drives Min. 2 drives
1.6TB SSD Scale-As-Needed Scale-As-Needed Scale-As-Needed
6TB HDD Scale-As-Needed Not Applicable Scale-As-Needed
Complete Data Protection
Low-capacity snapshots
Local/remote mirroring
Hot spare drives
True high-availability
Dual controller mechanism
Redundant network connections
Automatic failover
Pushbutton Backup to Object Storage
Elastic Scalability and Resource Isolation
Cloud, On-Premises, and Hybrid Support
Patented resource elasticity
Software Defined Storage
Patented performance isolation
Distributed hardware design
Complete Data Security
AES-256 at-rest encryption
IPSEC in-flight encryption
Customer-owned keys
Enterprise-Grade Storage
SAN with iSCSI protocol
NAS with SMB/CIFS & NFS protocols
Multi-Cloud Access
Object Storage with Swift & S3 API
Fibre Channel fabric ready
iSER capable
TCP/IP ready
Powerful Management Tools
On-demand provisioning
Unified GUI
Chargeback tools
Full coverage REST API
Resource hibernation
Live volume migration
Hybrid pool configuration
Dynamic media scans
Government-grade drive shredding
SMB file history
Active directory integration
Metering of every resource
Downloadable metering database in CSV format
Zadara Container Services with Free Tier
Direct integration with DockerHub
Upload customer Docker images
Container service memory pool allocation
Docker service elastic orchestration
Managed Services
100% SLA
24/7 monitoring
24/7 support availability
"Immortal" storage
Configurable capacity alerts
One-Time Password admin tools
Object Storage with auto-scale CPU & memory
Premium Services
Zadara Container Services Available On-Demand Available On-Demand Available On-Demand
Multi-Zone High Availability Available On-Demand Available On-Demand Available On-Demand
Backup to Object Storage Available On-Demand Available On-Demand Available On-Demand
Price Per Month (Billed Monthly) Pricing varies based on configuration Price out your configuration now
Start building your configuration now Build Configuration

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Frequently Asked Questions

In the cloud: 1 hour. On-premises: 6 months.

Zadara Storage has taken precautions to protect and secure your data. Zadara provides an array of Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity features including Multi-Zone High Availability.

Zadara Storage has full encryption capabilities for data both at-rest and in-flight. You alone hold the keys to your data. Even Zadara team members do not have access to your encryption keys.

Whether you have Static Data or an Online Production Environment, Zadara Storage Cloud Hydration is a cost-effective and practical way to move to the cloud.

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Yes, Zadara Storage can connect to all major cloud providers – simultaneously – giving you complete flexibility and control of your storage environment. This gives you the ability to run applications in one cloud while storing cold data in another, or any other combination of multi-cloud business needs.

No. Zadara Storage is built on its own storage stack with proprietary software. Zadara Storage services connect to all of major cloud providers.

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