If you belong to the more seasoned generations of business and/or tech geeks, like the Boomers and Xers, you’ve seen enormous changes in both software and in enterprise storage solutions. Enterprise data storage used to belong to massive banks of mainframe computers and tape drives. The server room gradually took over, and now the migration is strongly towards cloud data storage. More recently, flexibility in enterprise storage solutions has become imperative.

The software market saw a similar evolution, beginning with extremely unintuitive on-premises software that took months of training for employees to become proficient. Software then became far easier to use and much more intuitive, but was still the sole property of proprietary companies that charged what they liked (which was almost always a staggering sum). To replace these expensive alternatives (that almost always required significant investments in hardware and storage capacity on top of the purchase price of the software), many companies are turning away from proprietors to open-source software.

Open source software like Linux, Hadoop, and Apache’s impressive lineup of products represents a move away from vendor lock-in. But why free yourself from software vendors and remain locked into your enterprise storage solution?

Maintaining Flexibility in the Enterprise-Class Public Cloud

When it comes to enterprise storage solutions, you can maintain your freedom and still leverage popular cloud solutions by using Zadara Storage. Zadara Storage provides a solution that doesn’t require you to lock in to a vendor to get the cost savings and convenience of a public or hybrid cloud solution.

Zadara Storage allows you to move among public cloud environments at will, keeping you free from vendor lock-in and proprietary inflexibility.

Exploring Cloud, Hybrid & On-Prem Solutions

Zadara Storage allows you to choose all onsite storage, all cloud storage, or a hybrid solution, without locking yourself into any single or proprietary enterprise storage solutions. Like the cloud, Zadara’s on-prem data storage solutions require no enormous up-front capital expenditure and all of the data remains securely on site.

If, for example, your cloud storage is temporary for the purposes of development and testing, you won’t be locked into your public cloud once the temporary need goes away. Decide that AWS isn’t meeting your needs and want to try Azure? Maybe you want to swap Azure for Google Cloud. With the Zadara solution, you have that ability.

Zadara Storage is today’s enterprise solution to avoiding vendor lock-in. Just like using a Linux operating system or open source software for data analytics or BI, Zadara Storage allows you to remain free of proprietors while discovering how the cloud or hybrid fits into your overall enterprise storage solution. Contact us to learn more today.