When it comes to woodworking, measure twice, cut once is the adage, but when I was applying this advice when working on a project this weekend, I got it wrong. It came down to that fact that the tape measure was missing the 50-inch mark.

Yet, when it comes to Software-Defined Storage, a common theme customers continue to ask is “what if I get it wrong?” Without trying to provide a flippant response, “you can’t with SDS,” I like to explain to them that unlike appliances which force you down a ridged storage deployment model and requires extreme upfront due diligence, Software-Defined Storage provides flexibility where you can change mid-stream to meet your ever-changing application requirements. With Zadara, you can build an all-flash-array, all-SATA for data repository, or an hybridization giving you mid-tier performance at a low entry price.

In this Tech Tip Tuesday, we examine how to create and test different durability levels that are available as part of our SDS toolbox. With three drives, I show you how to build a RAID group that will meet your durability and storage efficiency metrics.

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