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Addressing the need for scalable, elastic, cost-effective enterprise storage, by developing flexible on-premise, hybrid and cloud Storage-as-a-Service.

Zadara Storage Experience

The Zadara Storage experience is more than a service, it’s a comprehensive, elastic enterprise storage-as-a-service solution that evolves with your business. The Zadara Storage Experience provides your storage, when and where you need it, and the ability to change your requirements on the fly.



Zadara Storage On-Premise as-a-Service (OPaaS) reduces the costs and complexity associated with data center storage by delivering fully-managed, elastic SAN, NAS and Object Storage with consumption-based pricing. OPaaS replaces traditional storage purchases and leases, and helps enterprises to become more efficient and agile.

If you’re a Service Provider, OPaaS enables you to deliver enterprise-grade storage services in a cost model that reflects your business.



Maximize the power of Zadara Storage with a hybrid cloud deployment. Whether on-premises or in the cloud, Zadara Storage delivers an identical, turnkey solution so you can leverage the same Zadara Experience anywhere - addressing all of your application requirements.

In the Cloud

In the Cloud

Turbocharge your applications in the cloud by taking advantage of elastic, enterprise-grade cloud SAN, NAS and Object Storage by the hour. Zadara Storage partners with leading public clouds to offer you all the performance, security and sophisticated features your demanding applications require.

1 billion image files at AWS: see how Realty Data achieves better performance at 50% of the costs with Zadara Storage at AWS

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RedBear IT leverages Zadara Storage to help think Procurement, a
leading e-procurement software company, address
disaster recovery, availability and privacy concerns

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